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September 30 - Autumn - Blue Skys - Existence

As I sit inside in my cooled home on this last day of September, I think about my children in Wyoming, Oregon and currently Alaska. We are expecting a temperature around 100* today and I am thinking of swimming this afternoon... while they are donning long sleeves and enjoying the changing colors of the leaves and opened windows.  What are you doing today?  What are your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren doing? 

I am thankful for the blue sky now that the fires of the West Coast have slowed down.  My youngest son was in a plane recently and took a picture of the wing precisely dividing the blue sky above with the smoked filled/hazy sky below. It was quite ominous.

I was able to spend time with my 85 yr old mother this past week. She lives in the mountains amongst the pines and has a beautiful view out her bedroom window.  I challenge all to call their loved ones and chat awhile. We never know the last day we will be able to. 

Sorry to be so solemn, but as we approach the end of our sixth month of Covid, we have all had to focus on our purpose for being here on this wonderful Earth.  May your days be filled with joy, comfort, and giving your best to all around you. Treating others as you would want to be treated.



I would like to organize a way to meet up with others in Green Valley, in an outdoor venue, to visit with others.  If you are interested in messaging each other as you are "heading over" to a location and would like company please let me know.

For example: I am thinking about heading over to the ramada East of the pickleball courts in Esperanza Estates, with a glass of tea and would love company, on Thursday at 10:00 am for an hour. SO I would text this to all in the group...... any interest?

heading over