What is Happening with the market ?

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How's our market in Green Valley? If your home is in good condition and you are wanting to sell, now might be a good time.

In Tucson's market (not GV) below $250,000 there are multiple offers. This has not ventured south...yet. It is better to ask what your home is worth and get it sold. My townhome went up 70% in the last 4 years. Some speculate this all may change after Nov 2020, just saying...

Looking at todays (7/17/2020) current ACTIVE listings we have only 138 homes. Green Valley - not Quail Creek and not Sahuarita

Of those:
19 are Condo/MSFH ranging from $75,000 - $128,500
10 are TH and SFR $130,000 up to $175,000
27 are TH and SFR between $176,000 - $225,000
33 are TH and SFR between $226,000 - $300,000
27 are TH (1) and SFR between $310,000 - $400,000
9 are SFR between $415,000 - $500,000
6 are SF between $529,000 - $600,000
6 are SFR over $600,000

Monsoons are here and their rainbow beauty is our evening's joy!! It is really rough living here...

I took this last night - rainbow over pickleball